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Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I place an urgent proofreading order?

 Normally, we can finish proofreading a document with 1-5 pages within one day, 5-10 pages about two days, and 10 or more pages in about three or four days. You can inform us if you need the job more quickly.  We’ll promptly check it and confirm when it can be completed.  


2. Are there any payment ways if I stay at overseas?

Most customers living in the UK, America, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, etc.  use our services and make  payments by transferring the funds to our bank account. Besides this method, we can also receive payments via PayPal as shown on the first page of our website. It’s a very fast and convenient payment method.  After the payment is made,  please send a confirmation to our email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


3. Who are our proofreaders and editors?

Our professional proofreaders and editors are native English  speakers from both the UK and the USA. All of them are educated with at least a Bachelors degree. All of them have more than 10 years of  proofreading and editing experience.  Most importantly, they are all certified by our office. 


4. Do you have Formatting Service?

Yes, we do have this kind of service. If you need proofreading, editing, and formatting service for your paper, the price is 1.5 Baht/word. Please also tell us what kind of formatting you want.


5. What kinds of document you can take?

Our professional proofreaders can manage any type of document  such as academic, business, advertising, marketing papers,  etc. Please send your job in “MS Word” form so that we can easily check it. 


6. Do you show changes for my paper?

 Yes, we show you what we’ve changed on the paper. Besides wanting to clearly show you the changes, we also hope that they are useful for your next writing assignment. 


7. If I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Please do not hesitate to let us know by calling directly to the mobile no. +66 87-8314-785 or our office no. +66 042-076-769 (09.00 – 17.00 everyday). You can also send any inquiry to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 24 hours. 



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