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We Can Check Plagiarism for Academic Articles, Manuscripts, and Theses.

Check Plagiarism for Academic Articles, Manuscripts, and Theses.


If you're interested, submit your document on and when you need some help about paraphrasing, we'll be pleased to do that. 




We are often requested by customers to check plagiarism in their work as they do not have the right tools to do so themselves. Types of documents to be checked include articles, manuscripts, and theses. The objectives of the service are to: 1) enable customers to identify plagiarized text; 2) paraphrase text into owners’ words; 3) provide correct references.  

Many customers can check plagiarism by themselves by utilizing check assistance programs from educational institutions that facilitate this service. After text is submitted to the program (Plagiarism Checker), it will acknowledge the percentage of similarities when compared with originals of former writers. The system highlights problem text so that customers can simply revise them. However, large numbers of customers are unaware of, or unable to find these instruments or programs. Thus, we offer a plagiarism check service for academic papers as a convenient option for interested persons.

Sample Report

plagiarism check2

plagiarism check

How can you send your works to us for plagiarism check?

Step 1: Send your manuscripts/original papers to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only a work with 5,000 words or below is charged at the normal rate. In case any of your works contain over 5,000 words, the rate will be higher (per each work). Work submitted will be acknowledged soon after we receive your file(s) via email.   

Step 2: We will carry out a plagiarism check by using Turnitin, a program relied on by over 30 million students worldwide.

Step 3: We will send the report of results to you within one day. You can resend your paraphrased works to us again for double-checking if desired.  

Remarks: The submitted report of results from the particular check program is NOT associated with our proofreading and editing service. If you are interested in the latter service, please make your request to us immediately via email. We have professional native editors to work on proofreading/editing for you. And if you would like us to paraphrase your works, you can click on Help Paraphrasing.

The advantages of using Turnitin

  1. Turnitin has been accepted and trusted by students all over the world, with the world-class largest database.
  2. It can identify values of similiarities to figure out what percentage of your work is similar to exisiting papers, with clear highlights of potentially plagiarised parts.
  3. Patterns or formats of your manuscripts will be reserved without any adjustments. Only the report of results in PDF form is presented. 

Who should use our plagiarism check service?

  1. Students as well as researchers who are completing their papers and expect no plagiarism to appear on papers.
  2. General people who are writing articles on websites, for example, those who are creating web or blog contents. We recommend these type of works to be checked for plagiarism because, if owners anticipate high ranks for their webpages on famous search engine websites, e.g. Google or Bing, their articles must be original. This will lead to positive consquences in term of search engine optimisation (SEO). Nevertheless, customers with small budgets can use this service through for free, but it cannot check contents as thoroughly as it should.




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